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International Cartoon Exhibit Opens at UN
In 'Cartoon Art for World Peace' horrors of war contrast yearning for peace
Ronda Hauben (netizen2)     Print Article 
Published 2008-03-19 14:40 (KST)   
Note the cartoons below have no captions. From the exhibition catalog: "Artists, especially those who have the ability to convey a message without resorting to words, carry on their shoulders a huge social responsibility because their message will inspire leaders of the future to work in pursuit of peace."  <Editor's Note>
Groundhog helping UN to dig up land mines. Cartoon by Hideo Toyomasu 2005 / Japan
©2008 R. Hauben
An exhibit of cartoons has opened at the UN (1) which presents a number of striking images contrasting the frustrations of war with the difficult quest for peace.

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Referring to the power of cartoons to affect public opinion, Kiyo Akasaka, the Undersecretary for Communication and Public Information at the UN, introduced the exhibit noting that, "Cartoons can express both simple ideas and complex issues."

He described how these cartoons "communicate across languages and across cultures. Their message, which as you will see in this exhibition is about the cost of war and the elusiveness of peace, can be grasped by all."

The ambassador to the UN from Turkey explained that the cartoons were "this time in the service of peace." In his opening remarks, he explained that the concept of peace is more than the absence of war. It involves seeing others not as an enemy but as a friend. He expressed his hope that the current efforts at reform of the UN would strengthen its ability to contribute to the quest for peace.

Picasso's Guernica and the members of the UN Security Council. Cartoon by Xiao Qiang Hou 2007 / P.R. of China
©2008 R. Hauben
Several of those who attended the opening of the exhibit expressed their appreciation of the cartoons in the exhibit. One of the cartoons which attracted considerable interest is a cartoon raising the question of what is the role of the UN Security Council. It is the cartoon by Xiao Qiang Hou of China.

In this cartoon the members of the Security Council are portrayed, each dressed in the military uniform of their different nations. The generals are seated around the table of the Security Council, each with the flag of his nation. The painting by Picasso depicting the horrors of war, Guernica, hangs on the wall of the Security Council above the heads of the generals.

Column of newspaper being loaded into gun. Cartoon by Jurij Kosobukin 1996/ Ukraine
©2008 R. Hauben
Another cartoon that attracted comment was the cartoon by Jurij Kosobukin of the Ukraine. The cartoon shows someone loading a pistol with a column cut from a newspaper. The cartoon provides a commentary on the nature of the press.

The cartoon by Syouhei Otsuka of Japan presents a tank leading a group of business men who are following behind the soldier.

These are just a few of the many thought provoking images portrayed by the cartoonists.

In the guest book, one person wrote that the exhibit was "Calling for world peace, one cartoon at a time." Another wrote that "as John Lennon said, we can imagine...."

Another said, "I've liked very much this exposition. I don't know if it is possible, but people need a world of peace."

Children playing, poor children with pitchforks, rich children with soldiers. Cartoon by Michael Kountouris/Greece 2005
©2008 R. Hauben
Poster opening exhibit at the UN
©2008 R. Hauben
Horrors pour from the TV. Cartoonist: Nikola Rudic/ Yugoslavia 1996
©2008 R. Hauben
The Turkish Mission to the United Nations, along with the Aydin Dogan Foundation is sponsoring the exhibition titled "Cartoon Art for World Peace" in the main lobby. The exhibition presents but a few of the cartoons from the competition held by the Foundation each year over the past 25 years.

The exhibit opened on March 13. It will continue at UN headquarters in New York until April 15.

Flying subs. Cartoonist: Oleg Sereda/ Ukraine 2004
©2008 R. Hauben
Following like sheep. Cartoon by Wolfgang Schlegel/Gemany 2006
©2008 R. Hauben
The business of war. Syouhei Otsuka / Japan 2006
©2008 R. Hauben
(1) 13 MARCH - 15 APRIL 2008 : EXHIBITION "CARTOON ART FOR WORLD PEACE," Organized by the Aydin Dogan Foundation
Co-sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the UN, UN Main Gallery-Visitor's Lobby - New York
The Turkish Mission to the UN Tel: (1-212) 949-0150
821 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017
©2008 OhmyNews
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